Scripped has been replaced by WriterDuet

Dear Scripped community, 

As you may be aware, has been dealing with mounting technical problems and outdated technology. We have been planning to shut down for some time, but we had envisioned a much more graceful transition than what has occurred.  Due to a serious technical failure Scripped has little choice but to shut its doors effective immediately. We want to thank our loyal writers who have used the service. 


Due to a simultaneous malfunction in our backup services and primary servers, the unthinkable has happened and all recent script content has been lost. We sincerely apologize for this. If you did not download a backup copy of your screenplay, then we regret to inform you that it no longer exists.


In order to honor our users, we've partnered with WriterDuet, the industry's most powerful screenwriting software. WriterDuet is a web or desktop app that features real-time collaboration and infinite revision tracking. It offers automatic backups to its cloud storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, and your hard drive. WriterDuet is used by Hollywood professionals and it has industry-standard pagination and formatting. It's able to import files from PDF, text, Celtx, and Final Draft formats, so Scripped users can upload any backup documents they've saved. If you choose WriterDuet, you're in good hands.

The basic version of WriterDuet is completely FREE. Sign up here.

Thank you for your support and we wish you continued success in your future writing endeavors. 


Team Scripped

Please direct all questions to