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Scripped #HollywoodScript Contest

No one is more frustrated with the Hollywood studio system than writers. Scripped wants you to take out your frustration in the most constructive way you know: WRITE!

Write the most ludicrous 4-7 page Hollywood script that you can imagine, something that you know the studios couldn't possibly pass up. This time the winning script will be tweeted out line-by-line from the Scripped Twitter account, an experimental unhinging of the form which we've seen elsewhere and find continuously intriguing. So we'll be judging your script not only on its overall satire effect, but on the individual lines -- so make them count!

Since this will be publicly posted, the script needs to be tame enough for a wide audience, nothing too risqué. Use your judgement and feel free to ask us if certain elements could count against your script's consideration in the contest.

Deadline for entries is April 30th. Writer of the winning script gets $250 in addition to entertaining the Twitterverse :) Free entry fee for Scripped PRO subscribers and $15 for everyone else! Good luck!